Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with Creative & Impressive Logo Designs.
Bring your age old logos to us and we will revamp it into Innovative & Modern Logo with our new & latest designs and ideas. For any Doubt or Query read our FAQs or Contact us.


These are not "template" logos. Template logos are logos that are resold & you may not hold any copyright on them. We provide you with custom design logos with source code have no proprietary control over them ourselves. Once you have paid for the logo, you will have Full & Exclusive Ownership of the logo. Including making any changes in the future.

We provide you the logo in :

  • GIF & JPEG Format ( Small / Medium / Large) for use on website and Word Templates
  • Source code Vector Format ( Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator)for Printing
  • WMF format to be able to import in any Windows Format of our choice
  • EPF Format

We really want to make sure that you have the logo in all the sizes and formats you need, We would be happy to provide you in any other specific format you need the logo in.

Your business image, and specifically your logo, will have much to do with how your customers think and feel about your business. Quality logos give your business an immediate air of professionalism. Even if your business is new or less established, a customer will often give the benefit of doubt to a company that looks professional.

Every business eventually competes with others. A professional logo will help your customers distinguish your products and services and help them remember who you are. Not only will a professional image help you with your customers, it might also help attract key employees.

Vector based designs are scalable to any size required. They do not loose quality when scaling up. When enlarging bitmap design, it looses quality. Bitmap logo designs sold at our site are 2500x2500 pixels @ 300 dpi, which is good enough for regular print.

Yes, all necessary fonts are included.

Logo design / corporate identity is either designed in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw! software. To manipulate a vector product you'll need Corel Draw! and to edit a bitmap product, you'll need Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. You can see the product type (bitmap/vector) exactly in the product details, including files it's coming with.

  • Place order & provide logo requirement details.
  • Preview sample designs & provide your comments.
  • Suggest unlimited changes until you are really impressed!
  • Make a secure payment and receive a high resolution copy of your logo.
  • Add Stationery design pack for just $69.

Customlogodesigner.com will post your original artwork on our website where you will be able to access it for download. Also with this we provides a bunch (zip file) various file formats. You can take this bunch (zip file) to any service provider and they will be able to use your logo as directed by you.

For quick use in your documents, presentations & email stationary a .JPG file is provided in small, medium & large format to suit your various needs.

We try to maintain each copy we deliver on our website in a secure location for you to download any number of time for up to a year. So if you accidentally deleted your copy, you can simply download it again from our site using your username and password.

We accept all major Credit Cards & Debit Cards. VISA / Master Card / Amex / Diners including Paypal payments. Signup to Paypal is not a condition for payment. Simply select that you want a secure checkout and wish to make a payment using your credit card & you should be taken to credit card payment page. See screenshots & click on red circled buttons to proceed.
(Payment Screenshots).

When you buy one of these logos, you own the copyright to it. The only right we retain is the right to display it on our site as part of our portfolio of past work. We do NOT have the right to resell your logo. Contact your local copyright agency in your country to register your logo as a trademark.